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brown-devonDevon Brown
Recruiting Manager, Growth Team

Devon Brown got her start as an agency recruiter at Beacon Hill Staffing, where she focused on HR staffing for over 5 years. She then made the transition to corporate recruiting at HubSpot and has been drinking the orange kool-aid ever since! She currently manages HubSpot’s growth recruiting team, which encompasses marketing, sales, services and G&A. Devon, along with HubSpot, are dedicated to bringing on top talent in an inbound way, trying new things, and focusing on delighting candidates along the way.

bruce-stephenStephen D. Bruce, Ph.D., PHR
Managing Editor, HR Daily Advisor

Steve Bruce, Ph.D., PHR is an award-winning writer and editor, who has been following and clarifying developments in the HR field for 20 years. Currently the editor/writer of the 225,000 subscriber HR Daily Advisor, the most-read HR publication in the US, he has published many books (Seven Secrets of Managers Who Avoid Employee Lawsuits, Face to Face: Every Manager’s Guide to Better Interviewing, Best Practices for HR Managers), newsletters (HR Manager’s Legal Reporter), and training materials (the best-selling Stop Sexual Harassment), plus videos, CDs, and more.

chessman-joelJoel Chessman

Joel Cheesman has over 20 years’ experience in the online recruitment space. He has worked for both international and local job boards in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. In 2005, Joel founded HRSEO, a search engine marketing company for HR, as well as launching an award-winning industry blog called Cheezhead. He has been featured in Fast Company and US News and World Report. He sold his company in 2009 to and is a guest blogger for ERE Media. He is the founder of Ratedly, an app that monitors anonymous employee reviews.

quinn-ryanRyan Quinn
National Government Services Team Lead
Eliassen Group

Ryan Quinn is the National Government Services Team Lead at Eliassen Group in Reading Massachusetts. As a National Team Lead he is responsible for a team of 4, which supports Eliassen Government Services cleared job requirements; recruiting for IT professionals with Secret and Top Secret clearances. Sourcing for both state and federal clients, he recruits on openings from New England to D.C., Florida, and California and everywhere in between. He is excited to share some of his tips and tricks in sourcing, as well as learn from others overcoming sourcing challenges.

russell-chrisChris Russell
Managing Director
RecTech Media

Chris Russell’s unique career has taken him through all aspects of the recruiting industry, as a vendor, candidate, hiring practitioner, and consultant. This range of experiences has helped him to understand the challenges and pitfalls of job hunting, talent attraction and the tools that bind them. Considered the ‘mad scientist of online recruiting’ by his peers, Chris loves helping connecting candidates with employers through technology.

santonocito-paulaPaula Santonocito
Contributing Editor, Recruiting Daily Advisor

Paula Santonocito, contributing editor for Recruiting Daily Advisor, is a business journalist specializing in employment issues. She is the author of more than 1,000 articles on a wide range of human resource and career topics, with an emphasis on recruiting and hiring. Her articles have been featured in many global and domestic publications and information outlets, referenced in academic and legal publications as well as books, and translated into several languages.

valentine-elenaElena Valentine
Skill Scout Inc.

Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout, is passionate about bringing company and candidates’ stories to life as a way to make meaningful hiring connections. She believes that empathy is the foundation for change. And, that clear communication and storytelling is key to making that change stick. With Skill Scout, she and her co-founder Abby Cheesman are particularly passionate about highlighting industries like manufacturing while simultaneously surfacing the talent of quality candidates often overlooked.

vitale-susanSusan Vitale
Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS, Susan Vitale is ultimately responsible for shaping and sharing the iCIMS story across various audiences, including prospective and existing customers, the media, industry thought leaders, employees and candidates. She is also responsible for iCIMS’ brand strategy across public relations, events, advertising, product marketing and content marketing.

After graduating from Lehigh University in 2005, Susan began her career as a marketing coordinator at iCIMS. She quickly grew alongside the company, becoming the director of marketing, and by the age of 30 was promoted to chief marketing officer.

Susan takes pride in converging the worlds of recruitment and marketing, and incorporating this passion into the company’s own recruitment marketing strategy. Given iCIMS’ role in talent acquisition, she has a deep understanding of how to effectively manage recruitment advertising investments, social recruiting strategies, candidate relationship management (CRM) and recruitment events. As a member of several online mentoring communities, she provides career advice and insight on finding the right career fit for young professionals.