20 Budget-Friendly Tricks for Enhancing Company Culture

Nap pods; unlimited, free food; laundry service. These are just some examples of employee perks that companies like Google provide to the workforce. But, Google, and companies like it, have deep pockets that many small-to-mid-size employers just don’t have. And, when thinking about organizational culture, perks are just one slice of the pie. To truly embrace and enhance business culture, workplaces need to pay close attention to other factors, too, such as employee engagement, collaboration, values, and personal and professional goals.

This session will provide:

  • Low-to-no cost ways that work for boosting your company’s culture
  • Strategies for improving your workforce’s experience day in and day out
  • How to foster team-based collaboration to drive engagement
  • How to evaluate whether employees trust or distrust your company—and why this matters so much
  • How to develop a solid feedback loop to foster employees’ feelings of fulfillment