Acing Cal/OSHA Inspections: Prepare for and Successfully Manage a Visit from Cal/OSHA

Presented by: Eric Conn, Esq., Conn Maciel Carey LLP

Cal/OSHA inspections are almost always unannounced, and the less prepared you are for an inspector’s knock at the door, the more risk you have of citations and costly penalties. There are a variety of reasons for a Cal/OSHA inspection—an employee’s complaint about an unsafe work practice or an accident report noting a serious injury, illness, or death, for instance. Cal/OSHA inspections may also occur as the result of targeted inspections in certain high hazard industries, which include several types of manufacturers, as well as businesses involved in farming, building and framing, nursing and residential care, retail, and transportation. However, given the broad authority Cal/OSHA has to conduct inspections, the fact is that every workplace could be vulnerable to an inspection and resulting citations.

This session will teach you what to do in advance of and during a Cal/OSHA inspection to minimize the risks of high-cost citations.
You’ll learn:

  • Employers’ goals for managing a Cal/OSHA inspection
  • Recent Cal/OSHA and OSHA inspection focus areas that could apply to your organization
  • Pointers for identifying and preparing for site-specific and unexpected Cal/OSHA inspections
  • Steps to take before inspections begin
  • What should go into your OSHA inspection preparation checklist, including how to address:
    – roles and responsibilities
    – step-by-step approaches for each phase of the inspection
    – data and information that should be at hand
  • Employers’, employees’, and Cal/OSHA’s rights during inspections
  • Stages of Cal/OSHA inspections, and how to manage the many “moving parts” of the inspection process, including:
    –  the opening conference
    – the walkaround inspection
    – document and information requests
    – supervisor and non-supervisor employee interviews
    – the closing conference
  • Your options, considerations, and strategies if citations are received