CFRA, Paid Sick, Kin Care, and PDL Laws: Strategies to Overcome Tricky Leave Administration Management Challenges

What are the top leave administration and tracking challenges related to the stringent California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the state’s pregnancy disability leave (PDL) law, as well as under the state’s kin care and paid sick leave requirements? Find out during this comprehensive look into how to conquer the most confusing leave-related conundrums under California’s myriad leave-protection laws. We’ll explain leave and benefit traps employers of all sizes need to avoid in California so you can develop sound administrative procedures that withstand scrutiny if called into question by regulators, a judge, or a jury.

This session will also include comprehensive summary outlining general compliance requirements for providing and administering CFRA, paid sick, kin-care, and pregnancy disability leave here in California.

You’ll learn:

  • How to comply with the state’s paid sick leave and kin care laws
  • Leave-tracking strategies that work for managing your obligations under California’s PDL
  • Tips for managing state disability insurance (SDI) and paid family leave (PFL) here in California
  • Additional requirements that may apply based on where you operate or your employees live within California, e.g., the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance in San Francisco
  • How PDL, CFRA/FMLA, paid sick leavw, and other leave laws interact
  • And much more, including practical examples of how leave and benefits-related laws impact small-to-mid size employers’ obligations in California