Concurrent Sessions | Improving Quality of Hire: The Right Way to Use Pre-Hire Assessments

Although we’re not going to give up interviews, it’s often helpful to supplement them by using pre-hire assessments. Online assessments, in particular, can create performance models and measure candidate thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests regarding the type of work the candidate prefers. If you can make better matches between candidate and job, you will improve your organization’s performance, employee retention, and management’s satisfaction with quality of hires. This session will provide an overview of a variety of assessments and how they can easily be implemented in healthcare, technology, professional, financial services, and other environments. You’ll see how they can help you hire talent that is the right fit for your organization.

This session will inform you on:

  • How to use pre-hire assessments effectively for key roles in your organization
  • Common best practices for selecting assessments for a variety of job roles, from front-line customer service professionals to executives in the C-Suite
  • Different types of assessments available and when to use them
  • How to easily link assessments to your application process or applicant tracking system
  • Checklist of criteria to select the right assessments to use to avoid liability in your organization