Cyberbullying, Stalking, and Other Electronic Harassment: Social Media Monitoring to Manage and Mitigate Risk of Online Conduct Escalating to Physical Violence

Cyberbullying, stalking, and harassment occurs in many forms, including inappropriate emails, social media posts, and all-out verbal attacks designed to alienate, threaten, or humiliate victims. And, in extreme cases, they may escalate to physical violence. Employers have an obligation to ensure a safe and healthful work environment. That responsibility includes making sure the workplace is free from harassing, intimidating, and bullying conduct. But, how far can an employer go to monitor and mitigate the negative effects of these types of conduct? This session will explore how instant messaging, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, text messages, emails, and other forms of electronic communication may be used to foster hate and potential violence. You’ll learn:

  • Your legal rights to engage in social media monitoring and the legal bounds you should not cross
  • Bullying warning signs and escalating risk factors that may suggest a link to future violence
  • How to formulate a plan for dealing with cyberbullying and harassment impacting your workplace
  • The game plan for dealing with the harasser and the alleged victim to mitigate potential violence
  • When termination of a harasser is likely necessary—and what to do before, during, and after the discharge to protect onsite staff


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