Closing Keynote | Embrace Your Inner Whistleblower! How to Avoid or Win Retaliation Claims Through a Solid Risk-Management Framework that Aligns with Company Culture

Whistleblower claims continue to rise and now outstrip other types of discrimination claims. Responsible companies know they need to avoid retaliation or the appearance of retaliation, but they still face challenges in promoting the right kinds of whistleblowing, minimizing the risks of a retaliation claim, and defeating the meritless whistleblower claim. To address these challenges, Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm, a senior litigation consultant, and employment attorney Bradley Cave will look at the psychology of whistleblowing within the company culture and how to build a risk-management framework that aids the defense of retaliation claims.

You’ll learn:

  • Personal and organizational factors that facilitate constructive whistleblowing
  • The nuanced psychology that influences perceptions of whistleblowers both in and out of the jury box
  • Ways to build a culture of criticism that leads to loyalty
  • Why having a strong culture can help your company avoid or beat retaliation claims