Group Exercises: How Would Your Workplace Respond to These Incidents of Harassment, Aggression, and Active Shooter Violence?


WVPS 2018 concludes by testing your knowledge of the key legal concepts and practical challenges you’ve learned about over the course of this event. You’ll be presented with a series of fact patterns, illustrating the types of real-life situations other employers have faced concerning incidents of harassment, aggression, and active assailant violence. You’ll deliberate with your conference peers on the best course of action to take and how to set responsive action into motion. You’ll think about whether there are any current barriers in your own workplace to taking the action you now know is appropriate based on what you’ve learned. Then, you’ll regroup with the facilitator who will provide information on how your responses differ or align with how the employers in the fact patterns acted and the effects of those judgment calls.  This group simulation is designed to highlight the importance of communicating and collaborating across different departments and disciplines when creating workplace policies and protocols, so you’ll be well prepared for setting into motion what you’ve learned when you return to your office.



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