High Reliability and Safety in Healthcare Settings

High Reliability and Safety in Healthcare Settings
Presented by Gary L. Sculli RN, MSN, ATP
6.0 hours

This targeted daylong preconference learning experience will walk employers and safety professionals through the latest strategies to help health care organizations reliably deliver effective interventions and refine organizational culture to support patient safety. The agenda includes:

  • Barriers to Achieving High Reliability
    • Sentinel Event Alert #57: Essential Role of Leadership
    • Production Pressures
    • Excessive Autonomy
    • Craftsman
    • Ego Protections
    • Loss of Visibility of Risk


  • High Reliability Markers
    • Human factors: System design and situational awareness
    • Situational Awareness Countermeasures
    • Deference to Expertise
    • Leader Behaviors and Team Performance
    • Identifying Potential Failures via Risk Scoring
    • Checklist Design and Use Applied to Patient Safety Problems
    • Training: Constant and Rigorous


  • Implementing Standardized Language for Staff in Critical Situations Across the Organization
    • “Stop the Line” but how?
    • Hint and Hope Communication
    • Assertive Communication Algorithm


  • Implementing a Just Culture Jump Start Across a Health Care System
    • Challenges
    • Paradigms
      • Human error
      • Behavioral drift
    • Criterion to Determine the Disciplinary Response
    • Behaviors and Response – Error, Risk Taking, Reckless
    • The just culture decision guide – no algorithms please!
    • Case Studies


  • Case Study: High Reliability Hospital Project in the VA