Heat Stress and Illness: Tips to Protect California Workers and Comply With Cal/OSHA’s Strict Requirements

Presented by: Joshua Henderson, Esq., Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Working in the heat can have severe, and potentially deadly, effects on employees. Cal/OSHA’s byzantine outdoor heat illness prevention regulation, found in Title 8, section 3395 of the California Code of Regulations, continues to pose compliance questions for even the most conscientious employers, and remains the focus of Cal/OSHA and its inspectors. To protect their employees and to minimize liability, California employers must understand and abide by their obligations to prevent and minimize the effects of heat-related illness for employees working both outdoors and inside.

This lively session will cover:

  • Environmental risk factors that contribute to heat illness
  • Cal/OSHA’s outdoor heat illness prevention regulations, including the requirements to:
    – Provide shade and water
    – Monitor employees for early signs of heat illness
    – Establish an emergency response
    – Train employees and managers to spot the signs of heat illness
    – Cal/OSHA’s efforts to regulate indoor heat stress
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) essentials for combatting heat stress at work
  • Tips for evaluating your existing heat illness prevention plan to ensure ongoing compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations
  • Best practices for your heat illness training program
  • Action plans for removing employees from heat stress dangers while maintaining productivity