Hot Topic Lightning Round Talk | Predictive Scheduling: The Practical Impact of Newly Enacted Fair Scheduling Ordinances on ‘Clopenings’ and Other Scheduling Issues

CELU kicks off with three dynamic and timely talks tackling some of the most interesting workforce challenges facing California employers in 2017 and beyond.

California always seems to the leader with emerging legislative trends—and the issue of predictive scheduling is one where the state, once again, has taken the lead nationally. Following the passage of San Francisco’s Predictable Scheduling and Fair Treatment for Formula Retail Employees ordinance, the city of Emeryville followed suit. How does predictive scheduling work under the types of ordinances being passed in California? And, what can your organization do to ensure that you’re in compliance with emerging requirements concerning the scheduling of your shift workers’ hours? This timely talk will provide valuable insights into the growing predictive-scheduling trend and best practices for staying on the right side of the law.