How, When, and Why to Drug Test: Your Legal Rights and Limitations in Policy Development and Enforcement under California Law

This solutions-focused workshop will kick off with a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory landscape concerning the legality of drug testing.

  • When an employer may conduct drug testing on prospective and current employees in California
  • The types of drug and alcohol testing methods that are permitted under state and federal law, which are most accurate, and what they are likely to reveal
  • The ins and outs of developing a comprehensive drug-testing program designed to give you the information you need to make informed and legal hiring and other employment decisions of California-based employees
  • Drug and alcohol testing policy essentials, and instances when enforcement of zero-tolerance policy language may spark legal issues under state and federal law
  • How to train supervisors and managers on warning signs that someone might be under the influence
  • The action plan for addressing a situation when you suspect an employee is drunk or high at work
  • What to do if an applicant or a current employee demands to be retested because the test revealed a false positive result


As a bonus, you’ll also get BLR’s sample Drug and Alcohol Sample Policy designed specifically for California workplaces!