HR’s Role in Emergency Management Preparedness: How to Manage Compliance, Business Disruption, Employee Morale, and Safety Issues

Catastrophes resulting from natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, the devastating wild fires that have been raging in California, earthquakes, and other extreme events in nature, as well as unconscionable violent attacks and other causes can devastate workplaces.  When this happens, business continuity is disrupted and employee morale is likely to suffer as well.  HR leaders must be ready with strategic communication plans, alternative worksite and schedule arrangements, and other action plans, so their organizations are prepared when disaster strikes. What can your organization do to lessen the impact that a disaster has on the daily business? And, how can you help employees manage the personal burdens they may currently face?

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Compliance issues concerning employee leave, wage and hour, and other issues to be prepared to deal with when business interruption as the result of an unplanned closure occurs
  • How to support employees who have been affected the event
  • How to support off-site or out-of-state workers who have been impacted but the company’s other locations have not been affected
  • Advanced communication planning strategies and how to evaluate the feasibility of alternative worksite and working arrangements to help limit business disruption while ensuring that employees and their families are safe and out of harm’s way
  • What to do if violence directly or indirectly impacts your business