Injury and Illness Prevention Plans in California: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Cal/OSHA’s Most Violated Standard

Presented by: Lisa Prince, Esq., Walter & Prince LLP

California law requires employers to maintain written—and effective—illness and injury prevention plans (IIPP) for general industry. But, while having an IIPP is mandatory, the state’s IIPP general industry standard is the most violated one here in California. Why is that? And, what can you do to ensure that your organization develops and maintains a comprehensive and effective IIPP that complies with the California Department of Industrial Relations’ (DIR) General Industry Safety Order 3203? Also, what additional IIPP requirements may apply under DIR’s Construction Industry Safety Order 1509?

This session will address:

  • The compliance checklist for ensuring you meet applicable IIPP general industry requirements under state law
  • Strategies for demonstrating management’s commitment to safety and your IIPP
  • What your IIPP communication strategy should include
  • Tips for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthful work practices that don’t violate Cal/OSHA rules and standards
  • Strategies for maintaining hazard assessment surveys and follow-up inspections
  • The written system for covering accident investigation protocols
  • Abatement procedure requirements to include in your IIPP
  • When employee and supervisor training on the IIPP should occur
  • IIPP recordkeeping essentials
  • Additional IIPP requirements for employers in the construction industry