‘It Didn’t Need to Happen’: How Employment Screening Practices, Security Perimeters, and Workforce Training Can Minimize Workplace Violence Risks and Liability


Workplace violence isn’t always preventable, but there are many things employers can do to minimize their risks. Using examples ripped from the headlines, this session will examine what employers facing negligent hiring and other legal claims might have done differently to minimize the threat of violent acts from taking place in their warehouses, offices, and other work locations. Our presenters, a security expert, a victims’ rights attorney, and employment attorney, will shed light on the importance of pre-hire employment screening practices, setting up and maintaining sound security perimeters as well as entry and access points, and training employees on how to handle a situation where someone requests entry who isn’t authorized for access. You’ll learn:

  • How to take full advantage of pre-employment screening practices permitted under the law
  • Recommendations on the types of pre-screening practices that may help weed out prospective hires at risk to commit violent acts
  • When an employer’s inaction or inadequate action in the vetting process could lead to negligent hiring and other legal claims
  • Examples of preventable security breaches that resulted in employer liability
  • Training tips to ensure that employees know who not to let into the building
  • And more



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