Opening Keynote: Polite to Death

Presented by: Dethra Giles, ExecuPrep

In this session, we will explore how many of our policies, enforcement, and language may encourage employees and leaders to be “polite” as opposed to proactive when signs or incidents of workplace violence occur in the workplace. This is the manager who suspects an employee of gang activity but doesn’t want to be “that manager” so they don’t report concerns to the proper place. Or the IT professional who has seen hate speech or activity on the company network but doesn’t want people to think the company is spying on them so they say nothing. Or even the employee who witnessed a “minor” domestic violence event but chose to stay out of her coworker’s family business. People are afraid to offend, so they don’t report; failure to report can lead to workplace violence issues. This session will discuss the ways employers can teach their employees to report when necessary, even when it seems easier not to.

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