Labor and Employment 360: Inside Look at How the Latest California and Federal HR Laws, Court Rulings and Policy Updates Will Impact Your Workplace

How will employment-related legislative, regulatory, and case law developments at the state and federal level impact California workplace policies and practices for the rest of 2017 and into 2018? You’ll get the answer during this concise, comprehensive session designed to brief you on the most critical updates California HR managers should know about. You’ll learn how President Trump’s picks for Department of Labor secretary, commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and National Labor Relations Board chair will likely shape employment policies nationally, and how those policy and enforcement-based initiatives will fit into current state agency-based policy directives from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

Plus, you’ll learn:

  • New California employee handbook updates to make for 2018
  • The most noteworthy state and federal court rulings that impact your California employment practices
  • The impact newly signed presidential executive orders, such as the highly controversial immigration order, are having on California workplaces
  • And much more!