Mastering Micro-Inequities: How Unnoticed Biases Interfere with Diverse Team’s Success

Homogeneous teams rarely produce exceptional results. However, differences among team members in diverse teams can cause problems. In fact, many leaders profess that personality conflicts consistently get in the way of their success. The paradox is that organizations are working diligently to increase the levels of diversity in their workplaces because they understand that it plays a vital role in achieving successful results, but micro-inequities among coworkers and managers may be thwarting their plans. When employees are overlooked, dismissed or singled out for traits—such as race, gender, or age–disengagement may be in store despite your best efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. It’s time to embrace the reality we face rather than fight it!

You’ll discover:

  • The reality of micro-ineqities and how to spot them
  •  How to determine whether you are guilty of micro-inequities
  • Specific strategies for compensating with micro-affirmations
  • Ways to deliver feedback on diverse teams
  • What leaders can do to eliminate micro-inequities in their workplaces
  • How to craft, communicate, and conform to a top-down message of respect at work