Packing Heat: Your Organization’s Duty to Ensure Worker Safety While Respecting Legal Bounds Under States’ Gun Control and Concealed-Carry Laws

Does your state law prevent your company from banning employees from bringing weapons onto the premises? Currently, dozens of state laws provide some sort of employee protection when taking guns to work. How far, though, do those rights extend? This session will explore the types of protections to which workers are entitled for exercising their right to carry a gun on your property under applicable state laws, and what you can do to ensure that they comply with your internal policies designed to maintain a safe, healthful work environment. You’ll learn:

  • Mistakes employers have made that increased their liability for violating employees’ rights under state-based concealed-carry laws
  • Legal steps to take if employees overstep the rights afforded to them under such laws
  • How state gun control laws factor into organizational security-risk policy development



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