Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and Wearables: Permissible Use Cases and Legal Bounds in Using Technology to Address Threat Assessments and Risk Management


Early warning signs of violent behavior may not be obvious.  However, technological devices can provide some data predicting potential violence. Smart watches, fitness trackers, and other devices that measure heart rate, brain waive and other physiological conditions can provide evidence of a heightened risk for violent behavior. Big data and predictive analytics may also play a role in assessing individuals’ propensity for violence—and most companies already have pre-hire assessments in place. But, does it make sense for an organization to engage in continuous screening of its workforce to gather and analyze whether there may be behavioral changes that could signal cause for concern? And if so, what are the privacy and other legal considerations the employer should factor in? This session will explore technology’s growing role in predicting behaviors and provide insight into the legal ways in which organizations may use digital information as part of an ongoing workplace violence risk-management strategy.



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