Wellness & Benefits | Measuring Wellness Program Success: Evaluating ROI or VOI to Align Your Initiatives with Company Goals

Return on investment (ROI) or value of investment (VOI)—which should you be measuring to evaluate the success of your wellness program? The answer is it depends, as the right choice often depends largely on company culture and program size. This session will explain:

  • Examples of how business culture and goals factor into employee wellness program success
  • Why measuring just the ROI of wellness programs may not give you the information you need
  • How to articulate the invaluable benefits your wellness program offers, and measure them against objective data, such as productivity, retention, absenteeism, and more, to get to a truer sense of the VOI
  • Examples of rock-solid, measurable wellness plan goals
  • How to evaluate the style of your wellness program to tell if ROI or VOI is the right method for measuring whether its working or not