Safety Culture Straight Talk: Strategic Communication Tools for Getting Your Messaging to Stick

For your core safety message to stick, you need a “360” approach to analyzing whether company leaders directives support or hinder your underlying statement on safety, getting leaders to buy-in to reframing their position if necessary, and then tailoring—and adjusting if necessary—the message for the C-suite, managers, and the entire workforce. Then, comes execution, and it’s important to have a thorough, strategically minded approach to disseminating the information you want to convey about safety culture to every target audience. This session will provide tips on how to involve company leaders in developing core safety messages and values and the communication tools and modes of delivery for success. You’ll learn: 

  • Signs that company executives’ messages aren’t aligned with your efforts to build and grow a strong safety culture
  • Tailoring your safety messages for the intended audiences
  • The importance of storytelling—and how to master the art
  • How to tell if you’ve appropriately “humanized” your message
  • How much is too much information—and how to achieve the right balance of communication
  • Tips for creating snappy, easy-to-recall safety messages
  • How to demonstrate a common interest to spark everyone’s connection to the training topic
  • Methods of communication delivery that take into account how employees generally communicate and want to receive information
  • When and how to add humor for powerful effect