Strategy Power Lunch | Next-Gen Video Interviewing Platforms

Web- and mobile-based video interviewing platforms can be a game changer for recruiters. They can be useful for addressing current recruiting challenges and can reduce time to fill and save the company valuable time and money. Software-as-a-service providers can offer recruiters centralized dashboards and other tools for monitoring technical screening through all phases of the recruitment cycle in real time. RecruitCon’s Strategy Power Lunch features a demonstration of how such services can take traditional recruiting practices to the next level. You’ll learn:

  • How cutting-edge interviewing platforms can be used to master today’s biggest recruiting challenges
  • How “interview as a service” works to manage and monitor candidate screening and the full interview life cycle
  • Examples of modules to illustrate this type of service in a real-life setting
  • The live video interview features and functionalities to look for when evaluating which provider is right for you