Temporary Work, Not Temporary Safety Culture: How Host Employers Can Overcome the Challenges of Integrating and Engaging Contractors and Freelancers

What works and what doesn’t when trying to assimilate temporary workers into your organization’s safety culture? How can host employers and staffing agencies work together effectively to protect temporary workers—and what are some red flags to look out for when choosing a staffing agency to supply workers to your site? Hear from safety managers who have learned first-hand what strategies, policies, and practices flopped and which ones eventually flourished. They’ll discuss reducing and preventing temporary workers’ exposure to risks and health and safety hazards and how host employers and staffing agencies can maintain a safe work environment.
You’ll learn:

  • Onboarding best practices for working with a staffing provider
  • The information your staffing partner should provide when it comes to safety
  • How to keep temporary employee engaged in the corporate culture
  • How to set the tone with temporary employees to position them for success
  • Challenges to overcome when integrating temporary employees into your workforce