THRIVE Intensive Workshop | Measuring What Matters: What the C-Suite Really Wants from Your D&I Efforts

Approved for HRCI Business credit

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) executives and HR professionals face many challenging audiences when it comes to demonstrating diversity’s contribution and value; however, the tough audience is often in their own  C-suite. Most top executives enter these meetings with at least two perspectives. First, they are wondering are you credible and confident enough to be here? In very short order these executives will form an impression of you and make assumptions about your department/organization’s performance based upon the results you have produced for the organization. Were these results tangible and performance based? Is there clear evidence that it was your diversity initiative that generated these outcomes? What else could have contributed to this result? Second, did the results you produced help the organization take advantage of an opportunity, meet a need, and/or solve a business-related problem? In other words, did your department’s diversity initiatives produce outcomes that add measurable value in financial and other terms?

This intensive workshop will show you how to:

  • Use cutting edge methods and innovative techniques in D&I measurement
  • Implement a strategic business partner-based strategy to drive a diverse high impact workplace culture that produces measurable results
  • Use diversity metrics and analytics to demonstrate a diversity return on investment— a “causal chain of impact” to prove your D&I initiatives really worked
  • Employ techniques to shift to a science and outcome-based diversity management approach that drives organizational success