Unconscious Bias, Micro-Aggressions & Bullying: How to Establish a Proven Prevention Plan and Avoid Legal Consequences

If underlying, unconscious bias leads to patterns or practices that have an adverse effect on a protected worker or a class of employees, the organization could face legal scrutiny under state and federal employment laws, including FEHA. Also, micro-inequities and micro-aggressions are subtle acts of discrimination that can breed legal claims, and they could lead to claims of unlawful bullying or harassment.

This session will explore:

  • How unconscious bias may show up in hiring and other employment practices
  • The definition of a micro-inequity and examples from the employment setting
  • How to spot a micro-aggression in your workplace
  • The protections California employees may be entitled to under state and federal law for unconscious biases that affect the terms and conditions of employment
  • The anti-bullying training now required under AB 2053, and the scope of that training
  • Strategies for fostering a work environment that stimulates inclusiveness and promotes acceptance of diversity
  • Essential information included in DFEH’s newly released Workplace Harassment Guide