Workforce Intelligence: 5 Steps to Making HR Analytics a Reality

Approved for HRCI Business credit

HR analytics provide the opportunity to interpret data and spot trends, so better business decisions can be made. But, companies that have embarked on a quest to build HR analytics into their operations often face stumbling blocks. For instance, they may have started measuring without having defined their company strategy or discovered misalignment in the definitions being used—in either case, confusion could result. This session will cover 5 steps for effectively analyzing HR data so you make better business-centric decisions that significantly impact the workforce.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the right metrics to measure your efforts
  • Integration tools that can help you thoroughly account for HR and employee data
  • Suggested HR analytics tools for achieving your goals
  • Best practices for choosing a delivery method—so data are easy to work with and easy to understand
  • How to make your analytics process agile, so you can pivot to measure varied HR areas with ease