Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Workshop: Designing and Updating Essential Policies, Recordkeeping, and Response Strategies


Every workplace must be prepared at all times for incidents of workplace violence. Under OSHA’s general duty clause, you have a fundamental duty to protect your employees—and your premises—from threats of violence. During this intensive session, you’ll learn how to evaluate what to include in your organization’s workplace violence prevention plan, based on your industry, worksite(s), and work environment. During Part I of this intensive workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Who should manage and maintain the organization’s workplace violence prevention policy and who will serve as the internal investigator of incidents, such as bullying or harassment, which could escalate into workplace violence
  • The many moving parts of assessing your workplace to determine potential threats, including the nature of the work performed, who you employ, and who your workers interact with on a daily basis, the physical work environment, including building ingress/egress and occupancy characteristics, and more
  • Examples of multi-layered defensive plans that factor in employer and employee involvement
  • Examples of zero-tolerance policy statements that underscore employers’ commitment to keeping employees safe
  • Essential workplace violence prevention procedures to include in your policy
  • What your employee training on your workplace violence prevention policy should include
  • Emergency response protocols in the event of an incident of workplace violence or potential violence, such as those involving armed intruders/active shooters, observations of suspicious packages or known bomb threats, and other threats
  • What supplemental protocols to consider in planning that go beyond “Run. Hide. Fight.” in the event of an active shooter
  • Notification hierarchies and who should be where—when possible—when law enforcement arrives in the event workplace violence occurs
  • Sample policy language and forms you can customize for your workplace, such as:
    • – workplace violence prevention policy language
    • – risk assessment questionnaires
    • – workplace violence incident report forms
  • A checklist for terminating workers legally and safely

Bonus Take-Home Binder: As an added benefit of attending WVPS 2018, you’ll receive a binder containing essential workplace violence prevention policy documents, OSHA general duty clause requirements, and more that’s yours to keep.



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