Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium Speakers 2019

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William (Billy) E. Hammel, Esq.

William (Billy) E. Hammel, Esq.
Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLP

William (Billy) E. Hammel is a partner in the Dallas office of Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLP. His practice includes counseling and representing employers in the areas of employment law, labor relations, compensation and benefits, workplace safety, corporate governance, officer and director liability, preventative counseling, liability and risk management, and best practices. He regularly represents employers in a wide variety of labor and employment law matters before administrative agencies and in state and federal courts.

His practice also includes drafting and litigating employment agreements and restrictive covenants, trade secret agreements, independent contractor agreements, vendor agreements, and corporate agreements.

Mr. Hammel’s primary focus is on helping clients avoid litigation in the first place through preventative counseling, compliance counseling and training, internal audits, investigations, and damage control.

He is also an editor of the Texas Employment Law Letter.

Catherine Mattice Zundel, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Catherine Mattice Zundel, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Civility Partners

Catherine Mattice Zundel, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is an internationally recognized expert on the topic of workplace bullying, and she partners with her clients to effectively eradicate it through proactive, strategic approaches. She has also served as an expert witness several times in bullying-related cases, and has published articles in a variety of industry trade magazines, appeared on CNN and NPR, and was a regular contributor to Forbes. She co-authored the book, BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work, which Ken Blanchard called, “the most comprehensive and valuable handbook” on the topic. Her second is book entitled, SEEKING CIVILITY: How Leaders, Managers & HR Can Create a Workplace Free of Bullying, and she recently released a third called, Stand Up, Speak Out – which is a set of stories she collected from people who have survived workplace bullying and have experienced personal growth as a result.

Wayne Maxey, CTM, CPP

Wayne Maxey, CTM, CPP
Executive Trainer and Consultant
Workplace Guardians Inc.

Wayne Maxey, CTM, CPP. served as an officer in U.S. Marine Corps and is a retired law enforcement executive. Since his retirement he has represented Workplace Guardians Inc. (including under an earlier company name, Baron Center, Inc.) for many speaking presentations, threat assessment consulting engagements, and workplace violence prevention training programs. He is recognized as an expert in stalking, threat assessment and management, and violence prevention and has been engaged in myriad high-level speaking/training engagements for the National Conference Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, local and statewide district attorney’s offices, Scotland Yard, and various law enforcement departments and associations. He is widely recognized for his experience, credentials, and effectiveness as a trainer and speaker.

Anthony K. Moore

Anthony K. Moore
Principal and CEO
Paradigm Group Consultants, LLC. Philadelphia, PA

Anthony K. Moore is the founder and principal of Paradigm Group Consultants, located in Philadelphia, PA. As the principal and CEO of the management-consulting firm, his role is to define the change theory and consulting direction the firm implements with its clients. He is also the relationship partner for the executive and senior level clients of the firm.

In addition to his role as CEO, Mr. Moore is the manager of the Leadership and Diversity Practices, responsible for diversity process implementation and leadership and management development programs. His work with the firm’s diversity clients has led Paradigm Group to develop many new and dynamic strategy and training programs. It has also led to the development of key strategic leadership partnerships that assist Paradigm with the development and implementation of strategic leadership programs with senior and executive management teams.

Currently, he is also a Wharton Executive Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. His focus in the Executive Fellows Program is on building organizational competencies and strengthening organizations through leadership, change management and strategic process implementation. His research at Wharton has fueled several articles on leadership and change.

During the past 10 years, his firm has developed an area of expertise related to crisis management. Issue related consulting with clients experiencing disruption has been deployed to improve cases associated with sexual harassment, diversity/ racial incidents, equal employment and management practices issues and incidents. Paradigm has successfully managed several very visible issues and worked with clients to mitigate exposure and reputational impact.

For the past 15-plus years, his clients have also included corporate, higher education and non-profits, requiring strategic crisis management consulting. In many cases those consulting engagements have involved visible and high-profile public issues that required immediate intervention and organizational solutions for long term management implementation. In addition, his work with crisis management cases has also provided the opportunity to partner with campus police and safety staff, as well as police management personnel to improve internal workforce processes and relationships with external citizens and communities.

A significant part of his crisis management work has been with issues and crises that were critical, however internal to the company or organization that requested his services. However, several have been very visible issues that were in the public domain and were receiving national attention when the firm was contacted. The most significant of those high visibility clients were; Duke University, as a result of the Duke LaCrosse incident; The Golf Channel/Comcast during the Tiger Woods, ‘lynching’ comment and aftermath; and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity – University of Oklahoma bus video, that became a national incident on the evening news.

His Fortune 1000 corporation clients have included, Capital One, Merrill Lynch, GE Capital, Xerox Corporation, Sovereign Bank, CoreStates Financial, Glaxo Smithkline, PECO Energy/Exelon, The Auto Club Group, Independence Blue Cross, Lincoln Financial Group, Comcast Corporation and many more. He has also worked with education and non-profit organizations, such as Yale University, Duke University, The University of Pennsylvania, Dickinson College, Penn State University and Partners of the Americas, Philadelphia 2016 (Olympic Pursuit Regional Committee), The School District of Philadelphia, Magee Rehabilitation, The City of Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Aric Mutchnick

Aric Mutchnick
CEO of Experior Group, Inc.

With over fifteen years of experience in the security industry, Mr. Mutchnick specializes in high level security consulting, risk mitigation, and specialized security training for commercial and government entities. Mr. Mutchnick introduced the groundbreaking program, the Red Ball Drills®. This is new type of active shooter, workplace violence, and crisis response training methodology which has been implemented globally. He has worked with public schools, universities, health care facilities, and commercial entities to design and develop the most effective procedures in dealing with violent threats.

Mr. Mutchnick has worked operationally as part of security risk assessment and surveillance detection teams for several Fortune 500 companies. He has traveled to over 40 countries to advise and train covert foreign national security forces tasked with identifying potential terrorist threats to U.S. Embassies and Consulates. He has designed security programs, crisis management initiatives and threat and vulnerability assessments for major consulting companies and UK/US government related programs. This included development and design of project security manuals, evacuation plans, business continuity plans and security policy.

Mr. Mutchnick has facilitated and managed large-scale, international investigations and operations in compliance, due diligence, business intelligence, and supply chain issues. He has spent the past twenty years building a global network of investigation, security, and logistics partners with reach in every country in the world. In the past year, Mr. Mutchnick assisted the DEA, FBI, and Australian Federal Police with international intelligence operations.

Mr. Mutchnick and his company have been admitted into the Wartell Consortium which is an elite group of companies who provide security, safety, and logistics services to clients. Mr. Mutchnick has worked closely with private security firms to promote accountability and ethics in the private security industry. He has served as the chairman of the membership committee and contributor to the standards committee of the International Stability Operations Association. Additionally, Mr. Mutchnick is a member of the Authentication Council which provides support for the luxury goods market in deterring counterfeit and trademark infringement. Mr. Mutchnick currently serves on the board of advisors for a large international security, intelligence, and investigations firm and a DC based non-profit called the FINND, which is involved in the government intelligence community. Mr. Mutchnick also sits on the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the Washington DC BOMA/AOBA chapter.

Patrick Prince

Patrick Prince
Associate Vice Provost and Chief Threat Assessment Officer
University of Southern California

Patrick Prince, the associate vice provost and chief threat assessment officer for the University of Southern California USC), is responsible for providing oversight and guidance in the recognition, assessment, and management of potentially dangerous persons who may pose a risk of targeted violence toward the USC community. His responsibilities include developing policy, providing training and serving as the subject matter expert to the university. In addition to his role with USC, Mr. Prince (in the partnership: Prince & Phelps Consultants) has consulted with government agencies and private employers on more than 2,800 cases of threatening situations or acts of violence in the workplace. His consultations have been in response to a wide array of situations ranging from intimidation, harassment and verbal threats to physical assaults, acts of sabotage, felony stalking, discharging firearms in the workplace and on-the-job homicide. Mr. Prince has been a primary responder to several workplace incidents involving multiple homicides including the United States Post Office, Dana Point, CA (May, 1993), the City of Los Angeles Piper Technical Center (July, 1995), the United States Department of Agriculture, Port of Los Angeles (April, 1998), the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services (February, 2005), Los Angeles International Airport (December, 2014) and WDBJ7, Roanoke, VA (August, 2015). Mr. Prince is a standing member of corporate threat assessment teams for several Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous cities and government agencies. In addition to threat assessment, he provides policy consultation, threat assessment team (TAT) training, workforce active shooter/violence prevention training, case management consultation and expert witness testimony. Mr. Prince received his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. His B.A. in Sociology is from the University of Southern California.

Hector Sanchez, CPP

Hector Sanchez, CPP
President & Lead Consultant
Holistic Secured Operations Inc.

Hector Sanchez is a security professional with over 32 years of operational experience in the areas of safety, protection, and security developed in the security and IT industries. His journey started in the U.S. Army with Special Operations, NATO, and Conventional units around the world. Then, he joined AT&T in Miami where he was responsible for the security, technical operation, and around-the-clock availability of 16 wireless stations located in the most dangerous places with 100% success results on all assigned objectives. Later, he joined an international telecom operator from Latin America that provided operational support for Fortune 500 organizations.

In 2005, Mr. Sanchez joined Lucent Technologies (later Alcatel-Lucent & Nokia); where he was promoted to become the corporate security oofficer for the Americas region and deputy chief security officer with operational responsibilities corresponding to safety, protection, and security of 50,000-plus employees, 75,000-plus contractors & vendors, 700-plus buildings, 5 technical university campuses, intellectual property, and the development of policies and procedures supporting corresponding areas. The operational effectiveness in place aided with the resolution and prevention of more than 100 kidnapping incidents, over 1,000 FCPA compliance investigations, workplace violence, and the prevention of five active shooter incidents.

In 2017, Mr. Sanchez became the president and lead consultant of Holistic Secured Operations, Inc., which specializes in the provisioning of security professional services with programs holistically developed, tailored, and managed for each corresponding industry, market, and geographical location. Holistic Secured Operations works with law enforcement and private sector committees with focus on the safety, protection, and security of county schools.

Mr. Sanchez is an active advocate and public speaker in many areas of safety, protection, and security at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International) annual summit, the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), where he is a member of the board of directors and participates in many other events hosted throughout the United States.

Mr. Sanchez has an MBA with majors in technology management and a specialization in e-business and a BS in business with a major in information systems from the University of Phoenix, Broward County Florida Campus. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP-19152) with ASIS International—the highest Certification in the security industry and globally recognized.

Dick Sem, CPP CSC

Dick Sem, CPP CSC
Sem Security Management

Dick Sem, CPP CSC, the President of Sem Security Management, which specializes in planning security for hospitals and clinics, manufacturers, office buildings, schools, and other facilities, has 47 years security and workplace management experience. He served as Global Director of Security and Crisis Management for Waste Management for 11 years and as Vice President of Pinkerton- Securitas, responsible for 18 offices in 11 states of the Northeast United States. He served clients as an independent security and workplacie violence consultant for more than 20 years.

Mr. Sem has been board certified as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) since 1979, is certified as a Certified Security Consultant (CSC), was President of the International Security Management Association (ISMA), and served on the Board and as Vice President of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC). He has made many presentations and had articles published on aspects of Security and Workplace Violence Management.

Mr. Sem is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and has been a member of ASIS International since 1974.

Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D.

Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D.
President, United Suicide Survivors International
Lead, Workplace Task Force, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

As a clinical psychologist, inspirational international speaker, impact entrepreneur, and survivor of suicide loss, Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D. sees the issues of suicide prevention and mental health promotion from many perspectives. She was moved to work in suicide prevention after her younger brother, a Denver entrepreneur, died of suicide after a difficult battle with bipolar condition. Known nationally and internationally as an innovator in social change, Ms. Spencer-Thomas has helped start up multiple large-scale, gap filling efforts in mental health including the award-winning campaign Man Therapy (a program using humor to engage men in mental health) and the nation’s first comprehensive workplace program designed to help employers with the successful prevention, intervention, and crisis management of suicide. She was invited to present at White House in 2016, and her goal is to elevate the conversation and make suicide prevention a health and safety priority in our schools, workplaces and communities. She has also held leadership positions for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, the American Association for Suicidology, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. She has won multiple awards for her advocacy including the 2014 Survivor of the Year from the American Association of Suicidology, the 2014 Invisible Disabilities Association Impact Honors Award, and the 2012 Alumni Master Scholar from the University of Denver, the 2015 Farbarow Award from the International Association for Suicide Prevention and the 2016 Career Achievement Alumni Award from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

Ms. Spencer-Thomas has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver, Masters in Non-profit Management from Regis University, a Bachelors in Psychology and Studio Art with a Minor in Economics from Bowdoin College. She has written four books on mental health and violence prevention.

Connect with Ms. Spencer-Thomas by visiting her website and signing up for her newsletter at and by following her on Facebook @DrSallySpeaks, Twitter @sspencerthomas and LinkedIn. Come “elevate the conversation” with her by participating in her monthly podcasts, blogs and twitter chats!

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